We learn to be supportive not only in the reflection but also in the action.

Behind all solidarity actions there is a common commitment with the whole community, therefore the objective that is at the base of each solidary initiative is to find a mutual and social benefit. The mission of Slow4, through its solidarity action, is to find the maximum economic and social benefit for the community and the territory within the set of tourism activities.
Therefore, each sustainable experience in Slow4 gives its contribution to local development with a direct impact on the territory and the community.
Each experience unleashes a bridge of action and solidarity, reinvesting part of the income generated in the local economy.

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The objective of the Slow4 solidarity action is to find projects and non-profit organizations that can benefit from this contribution, transforming the environment that surrounds us and having a better quality of life.
This is why it is essential that each of these projects be ethically aligned with this commitment: improve the social environment, protect the environment and sustain the local economy.


We present the current projects:
slow4 turismo responsable


It is a cooperative of non-profit social initiative that develops comprehensive actions in the fields of education, social, employment and permanent education. It contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of citizens and alleviate the effects of  social exclusion.

slow4 turismo responsable


Alencop is a new social initiative cooperative created to respond to a problem of waste collection and treatment in urban environments. It guarantees decent living conditions for a vulnerable group who is working at the cooperative.


The next selected projects will be chosen by the collaborators of the Slow4 community.

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