bienvenida al proyecto slow4
Slow4 project

Today we launch our Slow4 project

Before explaining what Slow4 is, I would like to briefly tell you how this project was born.

Today we are proud to introduce the Slow4 project, from a concept to a reality. After so much brainstorming, dedication and continuous work we are proud to start this adventure and announce the birth of Slow4.

Well, there we go! It all starts in the spring of 2017 on a terrace in the Poble Sec neighborhood. As we all know, Barcelona is a city full of posters and just between a sip and a beer with Luis, that friend who was to be the founding partner of Slow4 , we read a painted wall with the writing  “TOURIST GO HOME!”…

This gave rise to a talk about the complexity of the tourist phenomenon in a city like Barcelona: millions of visitors every year, and a trend that continues to grow. Where do we go? What will happen to this city and its people in 5 or 10 years time?

Can the Slow4 project do anything about this phenomenon?

This was the first of a series of questions we asked ourselves that afternoon.  All led to the same answer: We have to change the way we see this phenomenon. We have to sit back and devote time and interest to tourist activities and experiences with another perspective, in a more temperate, slower way.

Slow4 for many reasons. To change the way we approach the territory, to value the local spirit with another focus, to generate empathy and build a better society that benefits from these experiences.

A new vision of tourism, so that it can be an element of development and positive impact for local communities. The idea was to bet on sustainable tourism as an alternative to a model of tourism that overwhelms us, in response to ecological, social and economic problems.

…And one day we started

So we got down to work! It was a very enriching and intense journey. How many things have evolved since the idea of Slow4 was born in our head that day, even the name!

In little more than a year the project was completed and now it is an immense pleasure to be able to introduce you Slow4 experiences: A platform to find sustainable tourism activities that support the local economy. A new way to contribute to development, to the maintenance of our local wealth through a selection of unique experiences that are born and feed the same territory.

Welcome to Slow4 begins today, and now is the time to redouble our efforts and expand our community with more local projects, unique activities and new ideas.

We invite you to comment, share and test our experiences, we will be at your disposal for any questions, information or special request;)

Welcome to Slow4