SLOW4 is a sustainable tourism community.


We are a link between people and local sustainable initiatives.

As professionals and also as users, we believe that there can be a more responsible, conscious and alternative tourism to classic routes.

Discover a place without hurry, take the time to learn and understand, appreciate the small details, savor the moment … is what we want to offer you from Slow4. With this idea in mind, we propose you to live experiences at a different pace.

Slow4 offers you sustainable experiences, in collaboration with committed professionals from Barcelona and all over Catalonia. We select carefully for you unique activities that will make you discover nearby and authentic places, meet the community and live adventures in total respect with the environment and local culture.

Whatever experience you choose with Slow4, it will be incredibly charming and authentic.


Fabrizio Contu
co-founder Slow4 / CEO of Slow4

Passionate about travel, photography and gastronomy. I like to listen and learn from people.
Tourism professional since 15 years.

“I have always thought that it is possible to create a different tourism, that allows people to know themselves beyond the clichés and cultural differences. This encouraged me to cooperate in the creation of a new platform for tourism, here in Catalonia, that brings people together and proposes encounters that are not only fleeting but real.”

Luis Gorena
co-founder of Slow4

Passionate about nature and hiking. Always looking for healthy alternatives, both in food and lifestyle. 
20 years of experience in the tourism sector.

“It is essential to take a reflection on the impact of tourism to our communities and the planet. I believe that concrete and lasting changes will be made only by implicating more the tourists with their visit. With new daily habits, we can both achieve a healthier life and live experiences in a different way.”

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